Saturday, January 30, 2010

Surprise for Dad

Ok, so my dad's birthday is in March and what do you get for an 80 year try to get him 80 birthday cards!

How can we do this? Well, I got myself a PO Box and ideas for his cards and a couple of good friends that may help spread the word.

Dad loves cards. He loves funny, happy cards. His favorite things are-John Deere, bling, bright colors, anything Czech and Marilyn Monroe. He is a good man.

So if you are able to help, please send your Birthday Card for Ray by March 15th, send it to:
Connie Hewitt
PO Box 66
Candia, NH 03034

I thank you in advance for making his day so special.


Penny said...

I will try my best to help out! Congrats to your dad for having 80 wonderful years!

TracE said...

Hi Connie!

I will try to get some cards made and mailed:) I am sick right now, and I have no voice...but, I am determined to get well soon...gotta get crafting:)

PennyinPA said...

I would love to send your dad a card! Is his birthday on the 15th? Mine is on the 16th!

Lindsay M. said...

Awwwwwww how sweet of you to do this for your dad!!!! That is so awesome!!!!
I would LOVE to send him a birthday card!!! I will try to make one next week and get it sent out!!!!
I hope you get 80 or more cards!!!!!


Carol said...

I sent you a card for your Dad, I hope you got it. How is the card drive going?