Sunday, January 16, 2011

Three things...

1. Three things you've learned from the past:
Stop while you are ahead (put the glitter pen down)
My son's cereal is not stupid (even if you are tired, you can't take it back)
Life isn't fair-mom's favorite (a little hard, but it does help)
2. Three things you did yesterday:
Make and sent cards to cheer up Dad
Colored stamped images made with friends
Found some interesting/beautiful craft blogs sites
3. Three things you are looking forward to:
Kevin's pictures and stories from his biology class trip
Crafting with the girls again
Finding "lost" scrap supplies (packed in totes)
4. Three things you love about winter:
It's my birthday, yes-my birthday-soon.
Great time to take photos
Snugging in on a snow day with hot cocoa, an old movie and kitty in my lap
5. Three people I tag to play along:

Hope you have fun with this little post

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